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Covid-19 UPDATE:

PrimeCare is doing all we can to protect our Patients and Drivers while still providing services to those in need of transportation.

• We ARE NOT transporting those diagnosed with Covid-19

• We ARE NOT transporting those exposed to Covid-19

• We ARE NOT transporting those with flu-like symptoms


PRIMECARE Transport provides our clients with the very best in Ambulatory, Wheelchair, and Stretcher transportation service.  With complete room-to-room service, our compassionate drivers and dedicated staff work hard everyday to provide safe and timely transport. So, whether local or long distance,
PrimeCare is the most trusted name in Patient & Senior Transportation.

HOURS OF OPERATION: 6am - 8pm (24/7 when scheduled)

(we can usually accommodate asap and same-day add-on trips, but scheduled trips are preferred)
PrimeCare is always working for you!

When Service is your Business, Service is Everything.

With Insurance funded transports, riders have little to no say who transports them, what time you will be picked up or dropped off and how long you will wait for a return ride. Many Insurance funded providers only pull up to your driveway and blow the horn. PrimeCare's success is completely based on our timely, compassionate, and complete service. Our experienced Drivers assist patients/riders from their bed all the way to their appointment. 

Primary Service Areas:

At present, we have 3 primary service areas: Memphis, TN, Jackson, TN, and Denver, CO. You can learn more details on our page "Where We Serve" for primary and extended service areas.

Specialty Services are our Specialty:

PrimeCare has a 99% on-time rate, which is especially important with routine transportation like Dialysis and Chemo. We understand the importance of making your dialysis trips. 


Any Trip. Any Time. Any Place. OPEN 24/7, PrimeCare is a private or facility pay provider specializing in safe, sensitive and secure Non-Emergency Medical Transport (NEMT).

Types of Non-Medical Transportation Services PrimeCare Provides: 

  • Ambulatory (can walk alone, with cane or walker)

  • Wheelchair (yours or we can provide, includes high-back, geri-chairs, electric, hover-rounds)

  • Stretcher (non-medical, invalid, bed-bound, can't sit up, needs comfort, long-distance)

Ambulatory Transportation from a trusted provider - PrimeCare


We are sometimes asked if we can transport people who can walk (Ambulatory), and our answer is always "yes!" We give them the same care and oversight as any other rider, opening doors and monitoring as needed. Many times there riders may suffer from memory or behavioral issues.

PrimeCare always assists or patients & riders


Many of our clients can walk (or ambulate) on their own; some need a little assistance either by a walker, a cane or by a compassionate driver. As with all our clients, are experienced and trained drivers make sure riders have the oversight and caring support to safely get them from point A to point B.

Wheelchair Transportation Services of all types


Whether in a rehab or nursing facility or from their own home, the majority of those who depend on PrimeCare do so in a wheelchair. We provide transport for all types of appointments - doctor, rehab, chemo, x-ray, physical therapy, hair, even trips to airports and funeral.

Assisting Our Wheelchair Transports is part of our service


Obviously we assist with all our wheelchair transports, but if needed, we go a step further and help riders transfer. Many times when riders come from homes or venues, they need help getting into and out of their wheelchairs. Our Drivers are trained in proper techniques to assist in such cases.

Stretcher, Cot, Gurney, Bed Bound Services by PrimeCare


Our non-emergency stretcher service can save families and facilities hundreds of dollars compared to the cost of an ambulance ride. As insurance rarely pays, this is a SIGNIFICANT savings for those who need such services. State EMS names this "Invalid Stretcher" transport, but there are many other terms meaning the same thing - Stretcher, Stretcher Van, Bed-bound, Cot, Bedridden, and Gurney. 

Bariatric Wheelchair transportation by PrimeCare Transport


Patients/Riders in excess of 250 lbs move into our "Bariatric" service level. This typically requires an extra person for every 100 lbs starting at 300. We can transport people up to 650 pounds via Bariatric (Wide) Wheelchair or Bariatric Stretcher, these transports will be quoted once all details are gathered.

PrimeCare takes Leisur, Recreational, Fun trips all the time !


Transports that are for fun or convenience, we call "leisure" transports, these include:  Church, Graduation, Reunion, Movie / Play, Venues / Events, Funeral, Wedding, Baby Shower, Hair Appointment, Legal Consultations, Depositions, Financial Institutions, Airport, Luncheons, and such.

Less than 2 minutes to place a ride. You call, we answer, it's just that simple.

Active monitoring of fleet ensures we minimize both travel and wait times.

Room-2-room means we assist our riders from their room to their appointment.

All our Drivers are certified in AED, CPR, First Aid and Defensive Driving.

Second-to-none service, care and compassion and still with competitive rates.

All rides are tracked with GPS and pro-active dispatching for peace of mind.

4 miles or 400 miles, we take local and long distance trips every day.

Best-in-class fleet for safety and service as well as low miles and super clean.

Until further notice:

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