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Covid-19 UPDATE:

PrimeCare is doing all we can to protect our Patients and Drivers while still providing services to those in need of transportation.

• We ARE NOT transporting those diagnosed with Covid-19

• We ARE NOT transporting those exposed to Covid-19

• We ARE NOT transporting those with flu-like symptoms

PrimeCare Highlights


Back in February, PrimeCare Transport's Marketing and Involvement Manager, Angie Gray, Chaired the Professional Conference on Aging held in Memphis, TN. This was a gathering of facilities, providers, sponsors, facilitators, clinics, caregivers, and ALL those who serve our Seniors.


With a two-year (COVID) break, this was in-person and very well attended. Getting together gave all of us some time to catch-up and speak candidly about adjustments in care, processes and practices. It was good to see old friends and make new ones.


We at PrimeCare are very proud of Angie. She did a GREAT job getting everyone organized and pulled together a fabulous event. She, along with Valencia, even had time to set up and “man” our Out Of This World booth.


Until further notice:

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