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Covid-19 UPDATE:

PrimeCare is doing all we can to protect our Patients and Drivers while still providing services to those in need of transportation.

• We ARE NOT transporting those diagnosed with Covid-19

• We ARE NOT transporting those exposed to Covid-19

• We ARE NOT transporting those with flu-like symptoms


Ambulatory Transportation

( walking, assisted, with cane or walker )

  • For Non-Emergency Medical Transport (NEMT)

  • Service specifically designed for the physically challenged, or needing monitoring or assistance

  • Bedside-to-Doctor service, from patient’s bedside to doctor’s office/room

  • Transport Technician, more than just drivers, specially trained professionals, certified in CPR, First Aid, and Defensive Driving

  • Additional rider (1) is free with patient transport

Services Include:

  • Local and Long Distance Transports

  • House-to-Appointment

  • Facility-to-Facility Transfers

  • Discharges and Admits

PrimeCare cares or Ambulatory (walking) Riders with great care
Walking but needs assistance or monitoring, PrimeCare helps


We are sometimes asked if we can transport people who can walk (Ambulatory), and our answer is always "yes!" We give them the same care and oversight as any other rider, opening doors and monitoring as needed. Many times there riders may suffer from memory or behavioral issues.

PrimeCare is available 24 / 7


Many of our clients can walk (or ambulate) on their own; some need a little assistance either by a walker, a cane or by a compassionate driver. As with all our clients, are experienced and trained drivers make sure riders have the oversight and caring support to safely get them from point A to point B.

Leisure Transports for Reunions, Graduations, Weddings, Funerals



Transports that are for recreation or convenience, we call "leisure" transports, these include:  Church, Graduation, Reunion, Movie / Play, Venues / Events, Funeral, Wedding, Baby Shower, Hair Appointment, Legal Consultations, Depositions, Financial Institutions, Airport, Luncheons, and such.

Until further notice:

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