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Covid-19 UPDATE:

PrimeCare is doing all we can to protect our Patients and Drivers while still providing services to those in need of transportation.

• We ARE NOT transporting those diagnosed with Covid-19

• We ARE NOT transporting those exposed to Covid-19

• We ARE NOT transporting those with flu-like symptoms


About PrimeCare Transport

PrimeCare is the #1 private pay provider for assisted ambulatory, wheelchair and stretcher transports in each area we serve. Since early 2015, PrimeCare has been providing the highest level of transportation for seniors, patients and disabled persons needing personal one-on-one care. We offer the highest caliber of transportation services.

Why PrimeCare?

There are many reasons why seniors (or those with disabilities) can't travel on their own; frail bodies, recent accidents or surgeries, memory issues, low-vision, medication restrictions, previous strokes or seizures, etc. AND there are many reasons why families either can't make it to them (out of town, stuck at work, scheduling conflicts, etc.) or just won't allow their loved ones to be handled by “strangers.”

     For these reasons we exist.

We are the private and preferred provider of assisted transportation for seniors and patients who want peace of mind. In just a few minutes our services can be arranged by you, family members, care-providers or facilities (nursing homes, churches, hospitals, clinics, etc.).

     Don't be fooled by others who just "market" compassion,

PrimeCare lives it, breathes it, shows it, every day and in every way.

We are in this industry to bring back compassion, care, dignity and respect to those in our care. All of our employees, from Drivers, to Staff, to Owners, are all mission-oriented servants who strive for excellence every day.

Why PrimeCare
Office Staff
Ownership / Office Staff
Ty Jones owner PrimeCare
Ty Jones
Owner / CEO

Ty Jones is a servant and long time Memphian. He played collegiate basketball for Freed-Hardeman University, earned his Mechanical Engineering degree from Univ of Memphis. He and wife, Judy, traveled to Zambia for six summers on medical mission trips. Ty enjoys efficiency and working jigsaw puzzles.

Straight out of college, Ty Jones worked as a Product Engineer for Thomas & Betts, awarded 3 design patents.  He then helped National Car Wash, his family-business, grow from 13 to 33 locations, and became the largest family owned in country. Next he ran his own graphic & web design company, Blue Chip Image, for 10 very successful years. Next was Historic Images where he helped grow from 30 sales a day to 300.

In early 2015, Ty formed "For Senior Help, LLC" to start NEMT in Memphis, TN. After a brief stint as a franchisee, PrimeCare was named in 2016. In just four years, Ty and his team went from nothing to the largest Private Pay Transportation Provider in Memphis and the Mid-South.

"For we are God's workmanship,
created in Christ Jesus to do good works,
which God prepared in advance for us to do."

- Ephesians 2:10

Krystal Scullark
CSR / Driver

Krystal handles our weekend days. She takes calls, trips, edits, quotes and answers questions. She also works a few regular shift hours during the week. She is steady and takes care of business so others can recover for a new week of 24/7 :)

I certainly love what I do and who I work with and for, this company really supports me as I serve others.

Ashley M Pic.jpg
Ashley Moore
Operations Manager

Ashley is our Operations Manager as well as our Lead Dispatcher, Scheduler and co-CSR for first shift. She arrives early and stays on as needed. Her friendly voice is known to all nurses, riders and Drivers. She makes sure we get each day off to a great start, monitoring Drivers, vehicles and adjusting for add-ons or edits to existing trips.

"Always try to be nice, but never fail to be kind."- Doctor Who

Angie Pic.jpg
Angie Gray
Office / Marketing

Angie now serves as our Office Manager and our Marketing Director. She is our smiling face handling all things office related. She is also out there meeting families and facilities and making sure PrimeCare gets the exposure it deserves.  She serves as Chair at Senior Day for the Delta Fair and Chair for the Professional Conference on Aging.

I have worked for PrimeCare Transport for over 4 years. The kindness and compassion I see everyday from our drivers and staff are unparalleled.

Daphne Mason pic.jpg
Daphne Mason
Dispatcher / CSR

Daphne started with PrimeCare back in 2015 as a Driver. She now works primarily in the Office as Dispatch / CSR, but occasionally jumps in a van to help out as needed. Knowing both sides of the Transport gives her valuable perspective.

"You can't live a perfect day without doing something for someone who will never be able to repay you." - John Wooden

Nic 2020.jpg
Nic Rhodes
Dispatcher / CSR

Nic has been with PrimeCare since 2018. He was one of our lead Drivers for stretcher trips, rapid response trips and difficult trips. He now brings that field knowledge into the Dispatch/CSR position allowing him to work well with Drivers as they manage their day.

"Ty Jones is the best boss I have ever had. He is easy to work for and easy to work with." - Ty Jones

Customer Service

Above and beyond outstanding customer service for our riders, families and facilities, our team handles all in-coming calls, trip intake, data entry, route management, trip edits, facility confirmations and rider/facility/appointment/location issues.

For them, CSR also equals Compassionate, Sweet & Responsive

PrimeCare Drivers
Our Drivers









Nic 2020.jpg








JACK Latasha Pic.jpeg






Daphne Mason pic.jpg

Daphne Mason

Drivers are attentive and helpful
Drivers are compassonate and carig

High Standards & High Expectations

As you know it’s the person behind the wheel that makes all the difference. PrimeCare Drivers are all you would expect and more. We have the highest standards and even higher expectations. Anyone can transport someone from place to place, but PrimeCare Drivers are dedicated, warm, compassionate, gentle, and patient servants who truly care about people.


Our people and our commitment to timely, compassionate and safe transports have established a reputation of excellence for PrimeCare in Memphis - and we work hard everyday to maintain it.

Certified, Vetted, Safe

Our exclusive Transport Care training program covers safe driving, in-care safety, accident avoidance, and patient transport. Every driver will be in uniform, have a photo ID badge, and will look presentable and professional.

Unlike our competitors, we have a very strict hiring and training process. From application to full integration, less than 1% make the cut.

  • Clean MVR for at least Three Years

  • Previous Professional Driving Experience

  • First Aid Certification

  • CPR Certification

  • AED Certification

  • Defensive Driving

  • Safe Practices in Patient Movement and Care

  • Best Practices in Sensitivity and Confidentiality

  • Stand and Random Drug Screenings

  • Background Checks (Criminal, Sex Offender, etc.)

  • Routine Reviews for Performance and Safety

  • Ride-Along and Mentoring by Senior Driver


Experienced Drivers trained to assist and transport. Our promise to you is a safe, clean and sensitive environment for you or your clients to ride in. Something the competition just can’t match.

Friendly, Trusted, Compassionate

Our Vehicles
PrimeCare Vehicles
PrimeCare is focused on you
PrimeCare serving all Facilities
Extra wide rear entry
Quality care in any direction
Large Fleet to maximize care
  • No moving parts - We DON’T use lifts. All our vans have a fold-down ramp in the rear of the vehicle. Therefore no mechanical parts to break down and no risk of injury or falling off a lift.

  • Easy Entry/Exit - Our fold-down ramp allows elderly and those with walkers to slowly and gently enter vehicle and get to seat.

  • Routine maintenance - as well as typical oil changes and tire replacements, we have State EMS inspections, which include a full mechanical inspection from a third party, for our Invalid Stretcher licenses every year.

  • Routine inspections - We have a detailed 2-page inspection sheet to review everything inside and outside from supplies to mechanicals to appearance; from that, we create a punch list to correct any issues to keep our vans up and running.

  • Newer vans - All vehicles in our fleet are monitored and replaced as needed and all fully converted and equipped to handle each service type we offer, ambulatory, wheelchair and invalid stretcher. 

  • Clean, inside and out - Our drivers take great pride in the appearance of the vans and are given supplies necessary to maintain van appearance. 

We have one of the newest, safest, and greenest fleets on the road today. Our employees ensure every one of our converted ramp minivans remains within our high standards of cleanliness at all times. We strive to provide customer satisfaction through consistent professionalism, not only from our employees but also in the environment we provide for you along your journey.


Our state of the art converted Toyota Siennas are the widest in the marketplace, a staggering 48", and can accept just about ANY wheelchair. Our vans have been custom developed to specifically meet our high standards.


We have newer passenger vans, offering Five-Star crash ratings, side airbags, and even GPS assistance in the unlikely event of an accident. These vehicles meet or exceed every state requirement and make getting around town simple and effortless. The van can hold 2 wheelchairs and 3 ambulatory passengers in addition to the driver or a full-size stretcher.

Are you looking for a quote? Vehicles can't talk silly

Our Difference
PrimeCare is focused on you
PrimeCare serving all Facilities
Extra wide rear entry
Quality care in any direction
Large Fleet to maximize care
the PrimeCare

• Private Pay Provider
• Direct to Destination
• Room-to-Room Assistance
• Attentive Drivers
• Friendly & Helpful Staff
• Available to the Public
• Watchful & Responsive
• Timely & Compassionate
• Appts, Discharges, Leisure
• Local & Long Distance
• Ambulatory, Wheelchair,
     Electric Wheelchair, &
     Stretcher Transports

PrimeCare Difference is all about caring
Our Name

PRIMECARE is the most trusted name for wheelchair, stretcher and ambulatory transportation in the Nashville area. Our compassionate drivers and friendly staff work hard every day to provide the absolute best service possible. We feel our name says it all...





1.  of first importance; main.
 "her prime concern is the well-being of the patient"
         synonyms:  main, chief, key, primary, central, principal, 
              foremost, first, most important, paramount, major


2.  of the best possible quality; excellent.
   "a prime provider for the Memphis area"
         synonyms:  top-quality, top, best, first-class, first-rate, grade A, 
              superior, supreme, choice, select, finest, top-end, top-tier





    1.   the provision of what is necessary for the health, welfare, 
          maintenance, and protection of someone or something.

"the care of the elderly"
          synonyms:  safekeeping, supervision, custody, charge, 
                protection, control, responsibility


    2.   serious attention or consideration applied to doing 
          something correctly or to avoid damage or risk.

          "they planned the trip with great care"

          synonyms:  caution, carefulness, heedfulness, heed, 
                attention, attentiveness

Our History



  • Formed in early 2015, we took our first trip on April 14th, 2015

  • 2015 Grew from 3 vehicles to 7 vehicles, becoming the #1 Private-Pay Provider in Memphis

  • 2016 Grew from 7 vehicles to 13 vehicles, added 24/7 coverage and many more Facilities

  • 2017 Solid reputation for Timely and Compassionate service

  • 2018 Best year for Revenues, solid Staff and core group of Drivers. Opened in Colorado Springs

  • 2019 Continuing to add Facilities and focus on Private Pay Clients. Opened in Jackson, TN

  • 2020 Having been asked, PrimeCare establishes itself in Nashville, TN  ...   COVID HITS

  • 2021 Despite COVID, PrimeCare retains Drivers and continues providing on-time service

  • 2022 High fuel, high insurance, high labor, and PrimeCare still delivers timely transports

Until further notice:

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