Covid-19 UPDATE:

PrimeCare is doing all we can to protect our Patients and Drivers while still providing services to those in need of transportation.

• We ARE NOT transporting those diagnosed with Covid-19

• We ARE NOT transporting those exposed to Covid-19

• We ARE NOT transporting those with flu-like symptoms

  • Ty Jones

500,000 + Miles of Service

This is the MILEstone we just passed!


I was completely amazed when I stopped and added it up and I was totally floored when I began to make sense of that distance. I realize others have done far more, but for PrimeCare to cruise past half-a-million miles of service to those in our community - WOW !!!!!

I am exceptionally proud of my Staff and Drivers and we look forward to many more miles of service and smiles.

... FOR COMPARISON SAKE ... driving 500,000 miles is equivalent to...

• 2x From Earth to Moon • 90x The Great Wall of China

• 44x Circumference of the Continental US

• 125x Length of the Amazon River

• 20x Distance Around the Earth

• 90x Road Trips from LA to NYC & back

• 215x Length of the Mighty Mississippi

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