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Covid-19 UPDATE:

PrimeCare is doing all we can to protect our Patients and Drivers while still providing services to those in need of transportation.

• We ARE NOT transporting those diagnosed with Covid-19

• We ARE NOT transporting those exposed to Covid-19

• We ARE NOT transporting those with flu-like symptoms

PrimeCare Policies

PrimeCare Cell Phone Policy


A key component of PrimeCare’s success is communications. Cell phones are the primary way we communicate, this includes calls, messages, and emails. As we are open 24-7, we need to be able to communicate 24-7. Phones are to be on, close by, and fully charged as often as possible to get updates and changes. Employees shall obey and follow the listed guidelines below for both safety and accountability.

PrimeCare employees will be issued, or have access to, company cell phones for work and work communication purposes. These are company property on a company data plan. The PrimeCare phones are not for gaming apps, watching videos, music streaming apps, social media, or wifi tethering (shared hotspot). Each employee is expected to keep their overall usage to less than 1 GB per billing cycle (this is more than enough for all business communications). If an employee exceeds the 1 GB limit, there will be a $10 fine accessed for each GB over (typically through payroll deduction).

Company phones are for business use only, and as such communications through the phones shall always be professional and courteous. Be aware that those around you are listening to your words, your tone and your volume.


PrimeCare has a zero-tolerance policy regarding using a cell phone while driving. For the safety of our employees, our clients, and others it is imperative that you pull over and stop at a safe location to dial, receive or converse on the cell phone in any way.

PrimeCare reserves the right to amend or alter the terms of this policy.



I, ______________________________, have received, read and understand the PrimeCare Cell Phone Policy.

Employee Signature / Date



PrimeCare Vehicle Policy


PrimeCare is a transportation provider, therefore vehicle cleanliness, operational safety, and proper maintenance is critical to our success. Drivers are expected to meet all qualifications, obey all rules, and follow all procedures to use company vehicles. This policy will outline some of those expectations. A “PrimeCare vehicle” is any vehicle assigned to an employee or used by an employee. This policy applies to all employees who operate or use a PrimeCare vehicle and applies during and outside of working hours.


1. Qualifying for a PrimeCare Vehicle.

To be eligible for a PrimeCare Vehicle, employees must have an F endorsement and submit a drug test. Employees are only allowed to drive a PrimeCare van if they have a valid driver’s license and a clean driving record for at least 3 years.

A clean driving record means the employee has not been held at fault for a car accident or arrested on charges of violating vehicle and traffic laws. PrimeCare can assign and revoke access to PrimeCare Vehicles at its discretion.


2. Business Use Only.

PrimeCare does not allow personal use of PrimeCare vehicles. Examples of personal use includes, but are not limited to, usings the vehicle for personal errands, visits, trips or transports, traveling to/from another job, using the vehicle for Uber/Lyft, taking any other undocumented trip or transport (paid or not paid), or traveling anywhere not specific in Mediroutes for transport of scheduled patients. No one outside of documented paying customers (and their immediate family or caregivers) are to be inside PrimeCare Vehicles.  [Ty Jones, the owner, may give special permission on a case by case basis for drivers to use PrimeCare Vehicles for personal reasons. However, even with proper and prior permission, all rules and procedures continue to apply.

3. PrimeCare Driver Rules.

  1. Obey all traffic laws in your jurisdiction and be courteous toward other drivers.

  2. Document any incidents with patients, facilities care-givers or family members.

  3. Monitor gas, tire pressure, and fluid levels.

  4. Report any damage to, or problems with, your assigned vehicle immediately.

  5. Report changes to your driver privileges, such as driver’s license suspension, tickets, citations, etc. immediately (with proper and immediate notice we can work to minimize the possible impact to you and PrimeCare).

  6. Always lock PrimeCare vehicles.

  7. Bring vehicle to scheduled maintenance appointments. If not, let Dispatch know.

  8. Do not drive while intoxicated, fatigued, or on medication that affects your driving ability.

  9. Do not smoke in or near any PrimeCare vehicle. Nor allow others to do so.

  10. Do not lease, sell, or lend a PrimeCare vehicle to any one for any reason.

  11. Do not use a phone or text while driving.

  12. Do not allow unauthorized drivers to use a PrimeCare Vehicle.


Employees who violate PrimeCare vehicle rules are subject to disciplinary actions which may include verbal and written warnings, suspension of vehicle privileges, termination and/or legal action.


4. Accident procedures

Make sure you have a copy of your vehicle’s insurance card in the glove box always.



1. Let Dispatch know ASAP. A lot of insurance claims are time sensitive. The sooner we know the better and some incidents can be settled without a claim.  


2. A) Assuming you are not hurt, get all the details at the scene, including: any ticket #’s, crash report #’s, incident report #’s, the other driver(s) phone numbers and insurance information


B) If you are hurt, call (or ask someone to call) Ty, Jeremy, or Holly ASAP so we can get there and take care of everything for you.


3. Take pictures of everything. Their vehicle, our vehicle, other vehicles, the scene, lanes, traffic signs, weather conditions, the cops on scene, roadkill  - seriously, all parts of the scene and circumstances.


4. Make notes of anything the other driver says on scene. People will make up anything after the fact to make it look like it was not their fault. Also, get names and phone numbers of any witnesses.



5. Document everything in a PrimeCare Incident Report which can be found at the office and/or send Holly Graham an email. Important things to include are where was incident, what time of day, were there any landmarks nearby, was it foggy/rainy/etc. Who was where, who was still or moving, directions. Make sure to include the names of any passengers in our vehicle, the trip you were on, coming or going, to/from facility or home.


6. PrimeCare is NOT responsible for:

  • Paying fines employees receive while driving PrimeCare vehicles.

  • Making bail for employees who are arrested while driving PrimeCare Vehicles.


I, ______________________________, have received, read and understand the PrimeCare Vehicle Policy.

________________________________________  /  ___________________

Employee Signature  / Date


Gas Card Policy


The gas cards are intended to be used by PrimeCare Drivers to fill up PrimeCare Vehicles. Each Driver is assigned an individual card and a 4-digit Driver ID number. These are your responsibility to keep them and protect them. Do not share your card or your Driver ID number with others. A replacement card will cost $10 (typically payroll deduction).


If you lose your card, let Holly Graham know ASAP.

These are company cards for company vehicles, they are not for filling up any other vehicles. If you are caught violating this policy (i.e. filling up stranger’s vehicles for cash, filling up your personal vehicles, etc), the amount of gas you sold/stole will be deducted from your paycheck and you will most likely be terminated.


I, ______________________________, have received, read and understand the PrimeCare Gas Card Policy.

________________________________________  /  ___________________

Employee Signature  / Date




I acknowledge that I am working for ForSeniorHelp, LLC, D/B/A PrimeCare Transport Services, and I will take proper care of all ForSeniorHelp, LLC D/B/A PrimeCare Transport Services equipment that I have been assigned or permitted to use. I further understand that upon termination, I will return all property of ForSeniorHelp, LLC D/B/A PrimeCare Transport Services and that the property will be returned in proper working order. I understand I may be held financially responsible for damaged property and replacement or repair expenses may be deducted from my final check. This agreement includes, but is not limited to, the following: (vehicles, laptops, tablets, wheelchairs, stretchers, car seats, uniforms, jackets, cell phones, cell phone accessories, other equipment, tools or supplies).


I understand that failure to return equipment will be considered theft and may lead to criminal prosecution by ForSeniorHelp, LLC D/B/A PrimeCare Transport Services.


Employee Name (Please Print)


________________________________________  /  ___________________
Employee Signature  / Date

Until further notice:

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