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Covid-19 UPDATE:

PrimeCare is doing all we can to protect our Patients and Drivers while still providing services to those in need of transportation.

• We ARE NOT transporting those diagnosed with Covid-19

• We ARE NOT transporting those exposed to Covid-19

• We ARE NOT transporting those with flu-like symptoms

PrimeCare Codes & Phrases

WC = Wheelchair

STR = Stretcher

AMB = Ambulatory

RT = Round Trip

DOB = Date Of Birth

PT = Patient (Rider)

PP = Private Pay

COS = Cancel On Scene

CS = Car Seat

O2 = Patient is on Oxygen (portable tank(s))

CC = Credit Card

LD = Long Distance (typically > 30 miles)


ALPHA = First Time Rider / Patient

ECHO = Recurring Rider / Patient


Driver Collect = Driver is required to secure payment for trip, prefer front end

Office Bill = Office will bill for trip

Office CC on File = Office has credit card and will charge for trip

Bring WC / CS = A Wheelchair or CarSeat (or Booster) is required

Wait And Return = Driver should stay on scene (or close) until Rider ready to return

Secure (Transport) = Patient needs to be watched closely while transferring

Secure/Restraints = Driver/Team will need wrist and ankle restraints (remember key)

Dispatch Time = When Call came in

Scene Time = When Driver arrived at location (HUGE for Methodist)

Escort = Someone will be accompanying the Rider

Discharge = One-way from Facility (make sure get belongings/paperwork)

Bari (Bariatric) = Pt weighing more than 350 lbs



Access2Care (A2C) 866-780-8554

OneCall 866.966.3911

MTI 888.221.2605

ProCare 866.941.7878 ext 2

Until further notice:

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