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Not About Y'all

It is ALL about God - His Plan, His Work, His Love and His Mercy. Try and remember It's not about y'all, it's about Yahweh. Blessings.


- Ty Jones



<crowd of kids talking about themselves and the “dreads” of life as they see it>





It’s not about y'all, it’s about Yahweh

It’s not about y'all, it’s about Yahweh

It’s not about y'all, it’s about Yahweh

It’s not about y'all, it’s about Yahweh

Moses was a man, a man with a plan

Written in stone, straight from God’s hand

Came down the mountain, heard people laugh

In less than 40 days they were praising a calf (ooooh!)

After all the warnings and all the signs

The people still thought they could be living their (own) lives

Anyway they wanted. I’ll bet his face went red

Yeah, Mos’ let’em have as he screamed and said…



How about the Apostles, fighting on the road

Asking “Who’s the greatest?” as they strolled

They thought to themselves, I can’t wait to be great

In the Kingdom of God, I’ll be top-saint

We’ve healed the sick (yeah), we’ve broke the bread (yeah)

We’ve walked with the “Man”, we’ve got street-cred

But then Jesus said, “Yo, stick to your task.

Don’t fight to be first, work to be last.”


(He said…)




Jesus went into the temple to say

It’s not about y'all, it’s about Yahweh



(break it down…)

Now the “Y'all” may change, but Yahweh’s the same

And “we the people” better stop playing games!

We’re over-indulgent, we’re self-reliant

We have become our very own giant

So before someone comes with a stone and a sling

Stand up and remind us who’s the King

Stand up, stand up, grab the mic and say

It’s not about ya’ll, it’s about Yahweh (solo voice) (kid/crowd can say this line during performance)


<repeats and break ups till end>



© Ty Jones 2006

Executive Producer: Ty Jones
Produced and Arranged: Curtis Epperson /
All Songs Written: Ty Jones & Curtis Epperson
Mixed: Curtis Epperson & Chris Harris
Mastered: Brad Blackwood /


© 2007 ChristLed, LLC. / Michael (Ty) Jones. All Rights Reserved.
(free downloading and sharing authorized)

Until further notice:

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