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Monkey See

We will never know how much of an influence we have on those around us, our family, friends, co-workers, but most of all our children. They watch, they mimic and they learn much more based on how act than what we say. Blessings.


- Ty Jones




Monkey see … monkey do (KIDS REPEAT) Monkey see … monkey do

What I see is what I do (KIDS REPEAT) What I see is what I do

I copy this, I copy that (KIDS REPEAT) I copy this, I copy that

Right or wrong, I copy-cat (KIDS REPEAT) Right or wrong, I copy-cat


Monkey see … monkey do (KIDS REPEAT) Monkey see … monkey do

What I see is what I do (KIDS REPEAT) What I see is what I do

I copy this, I copy that (KIDS REPEAT) I copy this, I copy that

Right or wrong, I copy-cat (KIDS REPEAT) Right or wrong, I copy-cat


I know your best friend has got green hair <has green hair>

His pants hang low and I don’t like what he wears <what he wears>

And his sister never tells the truth <the truth>

I’ve never met such a disrespectful youth <disrespectful youth>

They stay up late, they never wash their clothes <they stink>

Black make-up on their eyes and a ring right in their nose <that must have hurt>

(And) now you have a tat, because you think it’s cool <it’s not cool>

Son, what’s gotten into you?



You try to talk to me I’m always on the phone <ring, ring>

No I don’t have the time my TV show is on <get lost>

Go upstairs and play, stop being such a pain <I’m not the pain>

Quit with the questions boy they really hurt my brain <what brain?>

We have no time, so we’re all stressed out <see a shrink>

That’s why we fight and we argue and we shout <twist and shout>

But that’s no excuse for you to raise your voice <aaaahhhh…..>

You act like you got no choice…





I don’t understand where you get your facts <TV>

But it’s obvious to me that you’re slipping through the cracks <through the cracks>

I sent you church and Vacation Bible School <V.B.S.>

You know the Lord’s Prayer and you know the Golden Rule <do unto others>

I let you pick your friends and I let you pick your nose <ooo-gross>

When it comes to being a dad, I know I’m not the best in show <ruff, ruff>

I really need to know, ‘cause I don’t have a clue

Who you looking up too? ……


<kids say> Monkey see, monkey do What?

<kids say> What I see is what I do Really?

<kids say> I copy this, I copy that Oooooohhh!

<kids say> Right or wrong I copy cat Now, I get it…

(NOW I GET IT !!!)

I need to watch the things I say

I should be taking more time to pray

I ‘ve got to listen to my kids

And be there for them every single day

They really need to see, how Christ lives in me

‘Cause monkey’s do what monkey’s see…



They must see Christ living in me

‘Cause monkey’s do what monkey’s see



© 2006 Ty Jones

Executive Producer: Ty Jones
Produced and Arranged: Curtis Epperson /
All Songs Written: Ty Jones & Curtis Epperson
Mixed: Curtis Epperson & Chris Harris
Mastered: Brad Blackwood /


© 2007 ChristLed, LLC. / Michael (Ty) Jones. All Rights Reserved.
(free downloading and sharing authorized)

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