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Factory Hits Vol. 1     •     Factory Hits Vol. 2     •     Disciple of Divine

Family Factory Theme

This was an original theme song crafted for the concept we created called Family Factory. Blessings.


- Ty Jones





Everybody stand up! Come in!

This is the place to find a friend

Come in to the Factory

We welcome you to the Factory

Here we go, with the show,

We’re just waiting for the whistle to blow

This is the place you want to be

This is the Family Factory


Spark … Gonna open my mind

Mold … Gonna put stuff in

Forge … Gonna make it stick

Spark, Mold, Forge, Yeah!


This is the place you come to hang out

This is the place your friends talk about

Family Factory is on the rise

Give a high five (clap) we’re changing lives

There is no secret, there is no code

You only have to be 4-years old

The colors are bright and the lights are too

I just came out to welcome you…


“hey everybody!”

“we’re glad you’re here”

“this place is really awesome”

“I really like the gears”

“It’s not about the walls”

“Though the walls are kinda cool”

“It’s how I act at home”

“And how I act at school”

“It’s how we show our love”

“By the choices that we make”

“Now we understand”

“What is actually at stake”



So come have fun, until we’re done

There is a race that must be run

For your heart and for your head

This is your dose of daily bread.



1-2-3 – it’s the Factory

A-B-C – it’s the Factory

1-2-3 – it’s the Factory

A-B-C – it’s the Factory


If we take the word of God, pack it up and send it home

Then the Factory connects like a cellular phone

The things we talk about and the lessons that we learn

Ride home in mini-vans as our parents take their turn(s)

Making application by sharing simple truth

Before the window closes on impressionable youth

So when the whistle blows, and the Factory begins

Everyone have fun but, Yo! bring a friend!


“Akkkk. I like the songs they do” (parrot)

“Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrggggggggggggg, me too” (pirate)

“My favorite part is the Good Book look” (doctor)

“I whant to be zee factory cook” (chef)

“Applicable truths with Biblical thread” (professor)

“I ain’t just sure what he just said” (country bumpkin)

“Partn’r, I reckon’ its a real big deal” (cowboy)

“I’m just here to grease the wheel” (mechanic)




This is the place you NEED to be

This is the Family Factory


SPARK – Gonna open my mind

MOLD – Gonna put stuff in

FORGE – Gonna make it stick

Spark, Mold, Forge, Yeah!


SPARK – Gonna open my mind 1-2-3 – it’s the Factory

MOLD – Gonna put stuff in A-B-C – it’s the Factory

FORGE – Gonna make it stick 1-2-3 – it’s the Factory

Spark, Mold, Forge, Yeah! A-B-C – it’s the Factory


Repeat all with chorus overtop


We’re just waiting for the whistle to… <Whistle Blows>


© Ty Jones 2006

Executive Producer: Ty Jones
Produced and Arranged: Curtis Epperson /
All Songs Written: Ty Jones & Curtis Epperson
Mixed: Curtis Epperson & Chris Harris
Mastered: Brad Blackwood /


© 2007 ChristLed, LLC. / Michael (Ty) Jones. All Rights Reserved.
(free downloading and sharing authorized)

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